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More than 3.5 million Indians are residents in the UAE, which occupies 25% of its population. Indians are employed in major private sectors– education, construction, banking, real estate, healthcare, finance, and other field or industries.

Many Indians also own some of the UAE's most outstanding businesses. Because of the UAE's good opportunities, Indians continue to fly to UAE to look for opportunities.

To have a UAE residence visa, several Indian nationals get their legal documents attested – birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates, and other certificates issued in India must be authenticated.

The attestation process involves several steps. It's often best to let a credible company take care of the process. Stanford Global Attestation Services has assisted thousands of expats or foreigners in legalizing their legal documents. 

Our experts understand and are aware of UAE's laws on documents attestation and how to do it in the quickest way possible.


The Process of Indian Certificate Attestation


India's standard process for attestation will require your original document or certificates and your passport copy as a supporting document. You can have it shipped, drop it at our office, or we can pick it up.

We will be sending your certificates to our office in India safely. Once your documents are in India, they will be attested by the Home Department in Mumbai or at the state department – if required.

After the first attestation, we will send your documents to the Ministry of External Affairs. They will attach a legalization certificate to your document.

Next will be the stamps from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi.

After the UAE Embassy stamps, the attestation process in India is complete. We will be sending your documents back to the UAE for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation (MOFA) – the final step.

You may be required to have additional attestation depending on your document. Suppose you have educational documents, your home country, or the country which issued your document may require attestation from the Ministry of Education before any other attestation can be done.


Why Us?


Stanford Global Attestation Services knows how hassle it is to do the attestation process yourself, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. That is why we will handle the process until its completion.


We've been in the attestation business for years and know UAE law.

Rest assured that we will complete the attestation of your Indian certificates within the time frame we'll give when you hire us.

We update our clients at every step to be in the loop. We will inform you about where your documents are from time to time.


Feel free to let us take the wheel on this!


How Much Does It Cost?


Contact our team by calling our UAE hotline at +971-58 648 2331. We are also available on WhatsApp.

We'll give you a free quote.