Police Clearance Certificate Dubai


Attestation of documents or certificates is a long process. You have to visit different government offices with different guidelines.

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Police Clearance Certificates in Dubai


The UAE Government required attested police clearance certificates (PCC) from expatriates last February 2018. If you’re from UAE – any emirate, police authorities can issue a police clearance certificate for you.


If you have lived in another country aside from your home country 5 years before moving to Dubai, you will be required to submit a police clearance certificate from that country.


A police clearance certificate confirms or verifies a person’s legal status. Having it proves that there are no criminal charges against you. Most companies in the UAE ask expatriates to submit an attested PCC.


Stanford Global Attestation Services assists clients in getting an attested Police Clearance Certificate.


All you need to do is to submit the following requirements:


  • The Police Clearance Certificate
  • A copy of your passport

  • A card with fingerprints of all ten fingers (mostly issued by your police station; not applicable in all countries)

    We will get your certificate attested as soon as possible once we receive the requirements.


    For more information, please contact our team by calling our UAE hotline at +971 58 648 2332. We are also available on WhatsApp.