degree certificate attestation


Expatriates in the UAE must have attested educational or degree certificates to apply for visas – employment, student, or residence visas. The document attestation process is time-consuming due to the different steps and governmental bodies you need to visit. Each government office has different rules, so you must be aware of the general regulations of these offices.

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These are the attestation processes for UAE use:


Notary : Public Stamp on the Certificate – required for some countries

Verification: Relevant Department or State Education Department

Authentication: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country

UAE Embassy Legalization in the issuing country

Attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Procedure for Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE


Step 1: Notary Public Stamp


A notary public is authorized to stamp certificates before any attestation process. Their official seal and signature verify a person’s certificate and identity. In this process, your identification cards and certificates are verified.


Step 2: Verification from State Education Department or Relevant Authority


The Ministry of Education of the issuing country will do further authentication on your certificates. Without this, a country’s Foreign Affairs office will reject any attestation process on educational certificates.


Step 3: Authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Country of Issue


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country will do the attestation on your certificate before submitting it to the UAE Embassy.


Step 4: UAE Embassy Legalization in the Country of Issue


The UAE Embassy in the issuing country must stamp your educational certificates first before using them legally in the UAE. This is the last step of the attestation process in the issuing country. Without the embassy’s stamps, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will reject any attestation on your certificates. 


Step 5: Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE


The final step of the attestation process would be the stamping from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Any visa processing will not be approved without UAE MOFA stamps.

Getting your educational documents attested will take time and requires knowledge of the procedure.

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