mofa attestation sharjah


A country has multiple government departments. One of them is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – responsible for building and maintaining relationships with several countries worldwide. It is also responsible for planning and implementing foreign policies. The verification of documents and certificates that the other government offices have attested is also one of the duties of the ministry. Once the verification is done, MOFA forwards the attested and verified papers to the embassy of the country requiring the attested certificates. For foreign certificates, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that issued the certificate will attest the certificate before being finally stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that requested the attested certificates.

certificate attestation


Certificate Attestation is the process of legalizing papers to be submitted to a certain country’s embassy, offices, schools, governmental office, and many more. It is one of UAE’s top requirements for foreign nationals who want to apply for a working, residence, family visa, etc. The attestation process verifies the authenticity of your documents through stamps or seals. It allows different countries’ systems to recognize and accept your papers. Different governmental offices are required to do various authentications. The legalization process depends on the nature and purpose of the certificate and varies from one country to another. Certificate attestation is different from notarization – documents are only notarized in the presence of a notary public. Attestation involves various processes and several governmental authorities so that countries can agree that your documents are genuine.

Degree attestation uae


Attestation of educational certificates is a mandatory procedure when applying for a UAE visa. Foreign nationals unfamiliar with the full process may find it complicated and time-consuming. If you want to get it done without putting much effort into it, you can hire Stanford Global Attestation Services. Our team is well-trained in the entire process of documents legalization. We will collect your documents and complete all the required stamps by UAE Law. Our degree attestation process for UAE is efficient.