Commercial Document Attestation


Commercial documents attestation is the process of authenticating corporate documents of businesses like trade licenses, establishment cards, power of attorney, etc. An attestation stamp, paper, or seal will be placed on your certificates to prove that the document is genuine and to be recognized by other countries aside from its issuing country.

Stanford Global Attestation has years of corporate documents attestation experience. We are fully aware that selecting a partner to attest your document is not an easy decision. Stanford will take good care of your documents and the entire attestation process. We have never lost or damaged any certificates – may they be original or copies.

For the Commercial Documents Attestation process, the company's authorized person needs to have it attested first by the Chamber of Commerce. Suppose you have a commercial document issued in the UAE. You must have a Chamber of Commerce stamp first before we can proceed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE Attestation.

Documents must be attested by the Embassy of the country you will use it for, inside the country that issued the main document. For example, suppose you will use the UAE commercial document in another country, i.e., India. In that case, we need to process the Indian consulate attestation in the UAE after the attestation from MOFA UAE so that India will recognize and accept your documents. 

For countries member of the Hague Convention (Apostille countries), an Apostille Legalization is enough after the Chamber of Commerce Attestation if you will use it in a country that is a member of the convention. For example, UK Commercial Documents will be accepted in the US if the Apostille Legalization is done.


For the Attestation of Commercial Documents:


1. Chamber of Commerce Attestation

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation of the issuing country

3. Embassy of the country you will use it for, inside the issuing country

4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country you will use it for


Don't hesitate to contact Stanford Global Attestation Services for any Apostille legalization or certificate attestation needs, and we will process everything for you!